Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to apply for a paycheck advances or personal loan online

If you need a payday or personal loan, you are probably wondering how you can apply for such a loan online and get approved fast. While there are hundreds of payday loan lenders, there are only a few of them who accept online applications and offer overnight direct deposit or instant cash transfers (e.g. MoneyGram).
Many people try to find direct loan lenders thinking that their applications will be processed faster. The truth is applying directly is not only time consuming - you will have to fill out dozens of applications, but also, in most cases, is not much faster.
How fast you get your money depends on two main factors: what time of day you apply, and how fast your lender wires you the money.
With instant approval paycheck advance loans or personal loans, you can receive your money within one hour as long as you apply before the cut off time - before 4PM Eastern Standard Time, in most cases. If you apply after that time, you will get money delivered to your bank account the next day.
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